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How to change the WordPress admin login page? Or in simple terms, the URL of the WordPress admin login page? After installing the WordPress core, you will immediately be faced with the standard login page for the admin panel of a WordPress website. By default, you can access almost everything on your site. For example: /wp-login.php /wp-admin
Last year, the updated Debian 11 Bullseye distribution was released. Debian 11 Bullseye is installed using the same method as previous releases of this OS. Debian has become the basis for most distributions of the Linux family. This operating system is the most convenient and secure for server administration. It is important to know which updates the release has undergone. Update
There is nothing more frustrating than finding out that your site has been hacked. It is important to remain calm. I know how to counter a (Pharma) pharma hack and I can show you how to clean up your WordPress website. However, manually removing the WordPress Pharma hack is a complex and time-consuming process. I recommend using a malware removal plugin that will clean up your site in
Hi all. In this tutorial, I will show you how to add a menu in WordPress, as well as how to add a page, category, custom link to the menu. Creating a menu in WordPress is not a complicated process. It all depends on your preferences and the pre-prepared structure that you want to implement as a menu. What is a menu in WordPress?
Planning Your Corporate Website Plan - Why are more and more companies placing importance on website building? Today, most companies have realized the importance of website building in marketing and have started to plan their own corporate website plans, and even many companies are in operation after creating a website. What details do you need
From a website security perspective, a hack is the big bad consequence of lack of security or lack of security that everyone wants to avoid. But before we get into how to secure your site, it's important to understand what happens if your site gets hacked. But is it as bad as everyone says? Short answer -
Plagiarism - literary theft, appropriation or disposal of the protected results of someone else's creative work, also refers to works of intellectual work. I welcome you, dear guests of the site. In this article I will tell you about Literary theft or Plagiarism of the 21st century. Almost everyone knows the definition of the word "Plagiarism", however, you need to talk about it.
Promotion and internal optimization of the site is impossible without linking the internal pages of the site. Internal linking of website pages - what is it? Today we will talk about the internal linking of the site and its importance. Let's decide first! Internal linking is the construction of the internal link mass of the site for the correct distribution of page weight. Search engines believe that if
Greetings Friends! Today I will talk about the Debian 9.1 Stretch distribution. This is one of the updates to the stable release of Debian 9. It has exceeded the expectations of many webmasters as it has undergone significant changes. One of these innovations was the move to MariaDB, which significantly improves the quality of this distribution. I would like to note that currently
Seo optimization and website promotion! Hello dear readers! Today we will talk about one of the most important topics for website owners and Internet businesses - SEO optimization and website promotion. In our world, where most consumers use the Internet to search for information and products, the need for website optimization for search engines is becoming increasingly
How to remove WP-VCD.php malware from your WordPress site? If spam ads on your WordPress site are redirecting to a spam site, your first instinct may be to blame your advertising partner. However, there is a chance that wp-vcd malware is installed on your website instead. Malware wp-vcd.php comes in many varieties, but remove
Websites are usually divided into two parts: front-end and back-end. We can understand that the background is used to implement the functions of the website, such as: performing user registration, changing passwords, commenting on articles, and so on. But what about the frontend? In fact, it should be a performance function. Most of the factors affecting accessibility
Meta tags are one of the most important components of successful internal website optimization. Today we’ll talk specifically about meta tags, the relevance of their use and the rules for using them for successful optimization and promotion of a resource in search engines. Basically, meta tags are designed to provide structured metadata about a web page. Article content: Meta tag -
Corporate web design details. Not using grids. In web design, some "clutter" can be pleasing to the eye. Asymmetry is one of them. Not using grids - definitely not. The use of grids is one of the professional metrics to distinguish good design from bad. Below are the details of corporate web design. Contents of the article: 1. The absence of text and pictures requires high
It is worth considering additional recommendations regarding the topic: Yandex filter is of little use, spam, and excessive advertising. In previous articles, enough has been said about solving this problem. You should also read about the Yandex affiliate filter, which also describes duplicate sites. However, the following information may be helpful to those who
Every WordPress site contains a file called "wp-config.php". This particular WordPress configuration file is one of the most important WordPress files. The file contains many configuration settings that you can change to improve site security. In this post, I will show you how to secure your WordPress site with a WordPress configuration file. The content of the article:
What should you do before launching your website? We know that for any website building tutorial in the process of creating a website, we will be detailing each website building process through various channels and methods. But there is very little relevant content that tells you what you need to focus on before launching.
Almost every article linked by an Internal Link begins with a discussion of complexity and importance. On the one hand, internal links are a very simple concept. On the other hand, the theory, process, and practice of internal linking is very complex. But no matter what they say about it, its importance cannot be denied. Especially for content marketing strategic use
How to create a website with high usability design? In the process of creating a website, we always think about how to make the whole structure of the site search engine friendly, but in real testing we often overlook the problem: the simplicity of the website design. Simple understanding: it's like providing potential visitors with a user-friendly and accessible website, themes
Scientific articles are one of the tools for communication in science and the exchange of information between scientists. They allow you to publish your research and ideas and get feedback from your peers. Writing a scientific article requires effort and knowledge, this is a serious task that will help you develop in the scientific field. In this guide, we will cover
Meet the WordPress admin panel, how to enter the WordPress admin panel. Hi all. I really want my articles to move in the right direction. Accordingly, after installing the WordPress engine, we will take a closer look at its administrative part. If you have not installed this CMS yet, then I recommend a very detailed article "How to install
This may be the most comprehensive analysis of the top Google ranking factors on the entire web. As we all know, with the constant updating of the Google algorithm, the factors related to Google rankings are becoming more and more complex. Especially for beginners, if you want to get a preview of all the ranking factors, you will need at least a few
The effect of URL length on SEO. While SEO is a simple task, in practice success or failure is still determined by the details. We know that there are many factors that affect search rankings. Only by capturing every detail can we effectively improve the overall quality of the page. Among them, one of the most subtle details: the length of the URL is really
Application developers can provide customers with best-in-class products. However, the design elements of the app and/or website need to be discussed before a final decision is made. App developers can certainly create high-quality apps, but UI/UX designers also play an important role. In any application development team, UI/UX design experience is critical to any particular