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Detailed instructions on how to create a robots.txt file for a website. Robots.txt is one of the most essential aspects of a full-fledged search engine optimization of the site and the security of your site. By observing the conditions for the proper use of this file, you can achieve a certain positive effect on the site. It is possible to specify a variety of instructions for most PSs. Which indicate to the search bot the necessary
How to speed up WordPress? WordPress is a great platform to create a website for your business. However, one disadvantage it has is that it can be very slow. If you are not careful, you can end up with a lazy website. This is a hassle for repeat guests and will cost you
When companies are engaged in Internet promotion, although there are many ways of Internet promotion, for most companies one of the mandatory methods is website promotion. Website promotion essentially means promoting keywords on a website, that is, optimizing the keywords of a website so that a large number of website keywords can be displayed on the main page of search engines, in order to achieve
Technical optimization of the site's HTML code is the process of adjusting the HTML code of the site's page template. Change (ed.) of the source code of the site and correction of its structure and size. The explicit purpose of which is a qualitative improvement in the composition of the code. A significant reduction in its volume, improving the validity of the code. Which helps to increase page loading speed in browsers.
Greetings Friends! Today I will talk about the Debian 9.1 Stretch distribution. This is one of the updates to the stable release of Debian 9. It has exceeded the expectations of many webmasters as it has undergone significant changes. One of these innovations was the move to MariaDB, which significantly improves the quality of this distribution. I would like to note that currently
Custom labels are the key to understanding and understanding user needs. From the era of traffic to the era of "retention", the focus of enterprises has become how to effectively maintain existing users and maximize user LTV. Only through a deep understanding of the characteristics and differentiated needs of users, and on this basis, can we formulate a refined operation,
Mistakes in web design are never good, however, some of them can be safely ignored if you have more important things to consider. There is another mistake - one that immediately leads to a sharp drop in the conversion rate, actively preventing visitors from using your website and returning to it. IN
Last year, the updated Debian 11 Bullseye distribution was released. Debian 11 Bullseye is installed using the same method as previous releases of this OS. Debian has become the basis for most distributions of the Linux family. This operating system is the most convenient and secure for server administration. It is important to know which updates the release has undergone. Update
Banning a website in SERP is the most severe punishment when it comes to website bans. Search engines will simply block your site and you may forget to return it to search results if you have any of these types of links leading to your site. I also recommend you information
Hello everyone, in this guide I will show you how to embed a YouTube video in WordPress on your website. Sometimes you need to embed video snippets on your site, especially when you need a lot of user engagement. After all, video fragments on the site, this is a huge potential for development. Let's take a detailed look at how to embed a video in a post or
Recursive neural networks are a tool that processes and analyzes data with a hierarchical structure, such as texts or images. They have found application in natural language processing, computer vision. In this article, we will look at examples of using recursive neural networks so that you can better understand how they work and how they can be useful.
Falling positions of the site, disabling personal search and general problems with the issuance of Yandex. Many novice webmasters take certain situations related to search results to heart. In most cases, anxiety is in vain, you just need to wait a while. Let's look at the most common non-critical problems, and then turn our attention to the really alarming symptoms. Frequent
Today we’ll talk about backlinks to the site, their use to promote resources. Now search engines decide to switch accents when promoting sites towards quality content. But while this is happening and being discussed, link building remains the most important method of promotion. Backlinks to the site are the key to promotion in search engines.
The affiliate filter is a Yandex search engine filter that is applied to a group of sites if they are duplicates of each other. In fact, this type of sanctions is applied only to duplicate sites. I think many understand that the main audience that has its own project is not involved in such black methods of promotion. Less Useful Content Guide, also
Corporate website design is a powerful tool to attract potential customers to the company's product or services. The design of a corporate website affects the retention of the audience, as well as various marketing indicators. Let's look at this topic in more detail. First, the visual effects of the website The design style of the corporate website is varied and personalized, which can fully reflect the overall corporate image.
What are backdoors? Imagine next year and think about all the possible successes. You see your profits double and you spend more time on vacation. One problem: your site gets hacked all the time. It takes hours to clean it. And cleaning is expensive. Nobody wants to live in fear of being hacked. Nobody likes
Why WordPress - Reasons to choose WordPress. Even though WordPress is 16 years old this year, there is still more to note. Not only has he created over 65 million websites and blogs, but developers and marketers recommend him to their clients and colleagues. In addition, using the WordPress platform has many advantages, such as
Let's take a look at the basic redirect rules that apply to the .htaccess file. Examples of how to make 301 redirects in .htaccess file. Why do you need a redirect and its features. The effect of redirects on the final page and how it will be useful. 301 redirect (Permanent Redirect) is one of the basic rules that must be written in
In the last article we reviewed the Google Panda algorithm, it's time to get acquainted with the Google Penguin or Google Penguin filter. To some extent, both of these algorithms are similar, and even complement each other. Thus, our search with you becomes more and more pure. What is Google Penguin or Penguin? This is the cryptonym of the update
While internal data is useful for improving efficiency and innovation in your organization. These numbers are also useful outside of your company. Turning proprietary data into public content can be a winning strategy. Especially for getting PR mentions and building brand awareness. And here's why: journalists want to get hold of previously unpublished data. Data
For example, which data models in data analysis can be used directly, especially for some Internet platform products. There are 11 general data analysis models that can be used directly, including event analysis, attribute analysis, channel analysis, session analysis, retention analysis, attribution analysis, heat map analysis, distribution analysis, interval analysis, path analysis, and funnel analysis.
These are ways to improve the knowledge, skills, and professional abilities of SEMs. In order to give everyone a deeper understanding of the underlying trading logic, today I suggest you get to grips with the following aspects of knowledge that will help you understand the underlying sem logic quickly and effectively. First, getting traffic First of all, the essence of SEM advertising is to
Hi all! With this review, I continue to develop the topic of creating a server for the site. In this article, we are already moving on to the stage called "Home Server". In these articles, you will learn a lot of interesting things about creating your own personal server, installing the necessary software. All this in a compartment will help you organize your server and
Graph neural networks are a new technology that finds application in areas such as recommender systems, computer vision, combinatorial optimization, physics and chemistry, and drug development. They are neural networks that use graphs as a data structure. They model complex interactions between objects and use this information to solve