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Here we come to one of the main parts of creating a home server. Installing and configuring a free hosting control panel - VestaCp. This option is more suitable for most novice administrators. With this solution, you can easily manage a large number of sites with a normal Internet connection. VestaCp is one of the easiest
Hi all! With this review, I continue to develop the topic of creating a server for the site. In this article, we are already moving on to the stage called "Home Server". In these articles, you will learn a lot of interesting things about creating your own personal server, installing the necessary software. All this in a compartment will help you organize your server and
Hi all. In this article we will talk about the most important question, where to start creating the first website? Creating a website is a dark forest, especially if you have never done anything like this before. I will try to tell you as informative as possible about the independent creation of the site. Also about how to properly organize the entire
Installing Debian 10 Buster or 11, 9 or 8 is not that important. It is important that the creation of a server begins with the installation of the OS. Debian installation can be done on a PC, laptop or full server hardware. It is important to understand that Linux systems are designed to administer servers. Therefore, installing a Debian distribution is a top priority.
Let's take a look at the basic redirect rules that apply to the .htaccess file. Examples of how to make 301 redirects in .htaccess file. Why do you need a redirect and its features. The effect of redirects on the final page and how it will be useful. 301 redirect (Permanent Redirect) is one of the basic rules that must be written in
Hosting for the site or a competent choice of hosting for the site. And so, we continue to analyze in detail the sections of our very first instruction How to start creating a site ?. In the last article, we got acquainted with the domain and its basic concepts. We learned what it consists of and how to correctly register it.
Last year, the updated Debian 11 Bullseye distribution was released. Debian 11 Bullseye is installed using the same method as previous releases of this OS. Debian has become the basis for most distributions of the Linux family. This operating system is the most convenient and secure for server administration. It is important to know which updates the release has undergone. Update
Hi all. In this guide, I will show you how to change the title and description of a WordPress site. Specifying this data is an important step in promoting your site. Correctly compiled information about the site will allow you to be higher in the search results, for those queries that will be included in the name and description of the site. Approach this issue with
Hi all. A small reminder on how to change the number of posts (articles) on a WordPress blog page. This is one way to improve the look and feel of your site's home page. But everywhere you need a measure. By default, 10 entries are displayed on the main page of the blog (website). This value can be changed if necessary. In what cases is this
Installing WordPress is the fastest and easiest. In most cases, you can fully install WordPress in 5-10 minutes. Of course, provided that you already have a ready-made domain and hosting or your own server. Now, many hosts provide affordable tools for installing WordPress. Popular control panels do not depart from this innovation either.
A website on WordPress or on the Internet has enough space for everyone. People love to share ideas, shape their thoughts, and maybe even reach a global audience. How to put yourself on the path to achieve all this? This time, what if you start your own website? Websites are very effective for several reasons. The main one is
How to block a country in WordPress? (geo-blocking in WordPress) If your website is not related to people in certain countries, you expect little or no traffic from those places. Then you see a sudden spike, your server resources are depleted and your site suffers. It turns out that traffic is created by hackers and bots. Then
Today I decided to tell you about a very important concept when writing an article as "Text readability or readability" for users. And how the readability of the text affects the overall bounce rate of the site. I made the decision to share my experience after I was filtered for spam, excessive advertising, non-unique content by the search engine
Hello friends! In this step-by-step guide, we will walk you through how to create a post in WordPress. We have already familiarized ourselves with WordPress, installed it on our combat sites. Next, we set up and already created the necessary pages. It's time to move on to the next step - adding posts, pictures, thumbnails and creating categories. Pay
Meet the WordPress admin panel, how to enter the WordPress admin panel. Hi all. I really want my articles to move in the right direction. Accordingly, after installing the WordPress engine, we will take a closer look at its administrative part. If you have not installed this CMS yet, then I recommend a very detailed article "How to install
Website hosting how to choose? is a difficult question that seriously torments those who start developing their own sites. In the search you can find many articles on this issue. I wrote another one for those people who do not quite understand all the intricacies of this direction and have doubts after reading an article about
Setting up WordPress! Today I'm going to talk about how to properly set up a WordPress site. The article will touch on the main parameters that should be changed after installing this engine. We will analyze, as always, in great detail. Be attentive to the content of the article, there are a lot of images. For convenience, all the necessary functions are numbered according to the sequence of actions. I think this show will be
Plagiarism - literary theft, appropriation or disposal of the protected results of someone else's creative work, also refers to works of intellectual work. I welcome you, dear guests of the site. In this article I will tell you about Literary theft or Plagiarism of the 21st century. Almost everyone knows the definition of the word "Plagiarism", however, you need to talk about it.
How to remove phishing from a WordPress site? You are here because your visitors see a big red warning "this site is flagged as phishing" when they try to visit your site. But why do they see this warning? Your site is not phishing! Although there is a possibility that this is a false alarm, the first thing you should
Site security or how to protect the site? Some hacks happen for completely ridiculous reasons: untimely updates, weak passwords, etc. In this essential website security guide, I'll show you how to secure a website: But more importantly, I'm going to talk about how we should start thinking about the safety of our
Hi all! In the comments, I was asked to describe the process of installing Debian Jessie 8.5 step by step. For some time, my hands simply did not reach the articles. So to say, there was a lot of work related to correcting errors on the site. Now everything is fine and you can continue to deal directly with the articles. As many people know Debian is the most popular distribution
How to write a sales text? Today we will talk about selling texts, as well as how to format them correctly to ensure effective sales. It is pointless to talk about what a selling text is - everything is clear from the name. Another thing is that such texts are sometimes underestimated, considering them not very effective means. However, let's take a look and
Choosing a good CMS Greetings to everyone and everyone.) In past reviews, we have considered a huge number of the most common questions regarding the creation of a site for a beginner. We have already passed such a stage as: the choice of hosting for the site. Therefore, you need to move on and move on to choosing a content management system. My task is to enlighten you on this
How to change the WordPress admin login page? Or in simple terms, the URL of the WordPress admin login page? After installing the WordPress core, you will immediately be faced with the standard login page for the admin panel of a WordPress website. By default, you can access almost everything on your site. For example: All these