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WordPress problems and solutions.

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Problems and solutions to errors related to WordPress. WordPress is generally a solid CMS program, which is why most bloggers use WordPress to manage their online presence for good reason. But even though the developers of the system are constantly working to improve it, from time to time the application may display error messages.

In this column, I am going to discuss the most common WordPress problems and provide solutions to solve them.

Problem 1: Slow website loading

A slow loading site can kill your traffic and lower your site's search engine rankings. The reasons for slow downloads can vary, but I suggest using dedicated plugins to optimize your download speed.

Problem 2: Incorrect plugin settings

Plugins are a great way to extend the functionality of your site, but improperly configured plugins can cause errors and crashes. I advise you to remove unused plugins and carefully configure all necessary plugins.

Problem 3: Malicious attacks

WordPress can become a target for malicious attacks that can steal your personal information or damage your website. To protect against such attacks, I suggest using special plugins and updating WordPress to the latest version.

Problem 4: Wrong search

The standard WordPress search may not be very accurate and may not show the results the user is looking for. I recommend using special search enhancement plugins that allow you to customize your search parameters and improve the quality of the results.

The main problems you may encounter:

Bugs 400+

Numeric errors marked between 400 and 499 are HTTP client errors. This usually means that the website visitor is having trouble communicating between the browser and the website server.
1. 400 Bad request;
2. Error 403 Forbidden;
3. 404 Not found;
4. Error 405 Method Not Allowed;
5. 413 Request object too large;
6. 429 Too many requests;

Bugs 500+

Any errors flagged between 500 and 599 on your website indicate that your server was unable to complete the given request for some reason. Below are some of the more common examples.
1. 500 Internal Server Error;
2. 501 Not implemented;
3. 502 Bad gateway;
4. 503 Service Unavailable - the server is unavailable;
5. 504 Gateway timeout;

Server related errors

1. WordPress memory limit error;
2. The uploaded file exceeds the limit of the upload_max_filesize directive in the php.ini file.
3. Fatal error: iON maximum execution time exceeded;
4. Download: Failed to write the file to disk;
5. Secure connection error;

Security Errors

1. Cloudflare error 521;
2. "Sorry, this file type is not allowed for security reasons";
3. "Unfortunately, you cannot access this page";
4. "Installation error: unable to create directory";
5. Wrong file permissions;
8. Mixed Content Warning

WordPress media error

1. WordPress HTTP error (when uploading an image to the media library);
2. The "Add media file" button does not work;
3. Damaged media files;
4. "An error occurred while cropping the image";
5. Wrong Facebook thumbnails;

Database Error

1. Error establishing a connection to the database (Database connection failed);
2. The WordPress database is corrupted;

PHP errors

1. PHP error in WordPress;
2. "There is no temporary folder", etc.

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