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Section: External website optimization

Definition of external optimization
Offsite website optimization is actually based on internal website optimization and refers to promotion and advertising outside of the website, which mainly includes building external website links, exchanging friendly website links, and Q&A. Platform promotion, etc., is the external optimization of the content of the website. Because off-site optimization of a website is based on internal optimization, after off-site optimization is completed, the website's ranking will gradually improve.

How to make a website get more inbound links intelligently and naturally is a particular concern of every SEO company or SEO specialist. Establishing links with external optimization is not the more the better, the essence of it is mainly reflected in the quality and relevance of the links. Of course, I also saw a site with hundreds of thousands of links to a certain site in yahoo, but it does not rank well in the search engine, so in terms of external optimization, the more links the better, in fact, it is not really that , What do we have to do.

Importance of off-page optimization
I believe that many people are aware of the importance of inbound links to optimize the rankings of an entire website. In many cases, the quality of inbound links is indicative of a website's keyword rankings. But if a website wants to rank consistently in search engines, content, update frequency, and the internal structure of the website are more important. For some beginners or friends who are learning SEO, there may not be many resources for inbound links.

In this section, we will analyze the main aspects of the external search engine SEO optimization of the site, allowing you to rank higher in the search results. We will improve the authority of the site and make the presentation of the site on the Internet more visible to you.

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