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Project page Nicola.topSEO HELPER | NICOLA.TOP is a personal blog about SEO, WordPress, server and site creation and administration. Founded on 05/18/2016, the blog focuses on the latest trends, tutorials, testimonial articles, and tips and tricks to get new webmasters and SEOs on the right track. The project is currently over six years old. The main goal is the educational enlightenment of Internet users. Assistance in creating your own server and website, as well as their subsequent administration.

How to ✔️ SEO HELPER | NICOLA.TOP helps

On this site, I share my knowledge with beginners, I will try to answer all the questions that both beginners and more experienced users may have. Here you can read posts about creating a website (server), website promotion, learn how to create your blog on WordPress, secure your website and more.

Even without programming knowledge, you can effectively use popular CMS. Create your own server and install a hosting panel. For ordinary users, there are many advantages here:

  • First of all, it's free.
  • Possibility to choose a huge amount of software to your liking.
  • Possibility of independent fine-tuning of the system, server and hosting panel.
  • A huge space for those who like to experiment and do something new.

Project Goals ✔️ SEO HELPER | NICOLA.TOP

Of course, based on the name - to take top positions and bring a lot of benefits to people. Have the status of an educational site and perhaps gain even more experience to provide their own services in the future. Creating and maintaining your own website is hard work that takes a lot of time. And like any site owner, I want to see the result of my work. Your feedback for me is the main sign that my work benefits people.

Website content to help you achieve your goals

Below are sections containing the necessary information: about creating a site yourself, SEO, comprehensive site optimization for search engines, site security, problem solving, and of course everything about WordPress CMS.

Sections about neural networks

SEO Sections

Sections about creating and administering a server for a site

Sections about creating and administering the site

Security and Site Protection Sections

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You can find out a little about me at this page. If you have interesting proposals for cooperation or recommendations for improving the project. You can write to me using the page contacts.

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The site uses various methods to protect against spam in comments and ways to embed links to third-party sources. Each comment is checked manually, if there is a link to a low-quality site (the comment will be added to spam). If there is a link to a regular resource, the IP address will be checked for spam, if the condition is met, the link will be deleted, but the comment will be left.

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    Great project, useful content - I've been reading your site for a while now. Post really helpful articles. I wish you to continue in the same spirit. Thank you.

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