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Technical optimization - Section

Section: Technical website optimization
Website optimization technology generally refers to the promotion of corporate websites through search engine optimization, friendly links, rich content crawling, community spread, and gentle article promotion.

Ways to promote
⟹ 1: search engine optimization (SEO)
As a rule, most of the traffic of corporate websites initially comes from search engines, so the first step in our promotion is search engine optimization, which is often called SEO. Combine the website itself and related industries, select relevant keywords, and optimize the search engine accordingly. Slow progress.
⟹ 2: friendly links
Right now, the goal of building friendly links is purely to increase the PR value of the website, no matter what industry the website is in, just change the PR. However, the most primitive function of friendly links is to allow viewers to see more relevant industry websites, so judicious use of friendly links can also provide relevant traffic and website rankings. Then, when we change friendships, we need to take into account not only the PR value, but also the relevance of the industry so that we can kill two birds with one stone.
⟹ 3: mass release of relevant information
The mass referred to here is not for using email to smash and grab information, nor for using any software to send information indiscriminately, but to highlight the variety of forms. We can go to relevant industry forums to promote company profile, culture, products, etc. Now, almost every industry has its own portal station, we can focus on finding these industry websites and publish some information about them. All of the above is basically looking for certain groups of people because they are the real browsers and they are the ones who come to find relevant industry information.
⟹ 4: QQ group
In fact, this is the most common way to promote websites in all industries. You can join QQ groups related to related industries or specific groups to communicate and discuss and post related content as appropriate. Of course, we can also create our own QQ group, which not only has a high management authority, you can also promote what you want to promote at any time. There are also two QQ group features that we cannot ignore, one is QQ group sharing and the other is QQ group mail. For a QQ group exchange, you can place some corporate posters, promotional pages, or public welfare materials to attract everyone to the corporate website. For QQ group emails, sometimes you need to use them carefully and send spam emails infrequently to disgust users.
⟹ 5: soft promotion of the article
Now that the promotion of soft articles is slowly being used by most webmasters, our promotion can publish enterprise news on the corresponding website, promote the enterprise website, the effect of this is relatively good!

In the Technical website optimization section, you will find all the necessary materials to ensure the best loading speed of your website. Improving site loading speed, checking optimization for mobile devices, optimizing pagination pages, finding and eliminating broken links and redirects, introducing microdata, HTML and XML sitemaps, and other recommendations on this topic.

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