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Website design (web design).

Section: WEB site design
The design of the website must be able to fully capture the attention of the visitors and make them feel visually comfortable. Therefore, when creating a web page, the overall design of the website should be closely aligned with the relevant web design principles. The design of the website should express the content in case of planning, the theme mode of the website and the combination of one's own understanding through artistic methods; and the creation of a web page is usually a design project developed by a web designer in accordance with the W3C standard application in the universal markup language to convert it into a web page format.

Simply put, the goal of website design is to create websites. Simple information such as text, images (GIF, JPEG, PNG) and tables can be placed on website pages using markup languages such as hypertext, extensible hypertext markup language, etc. And more complex information such as like vector graphics, animation, video, audio and other multimedia files, requires the running of plug-ins, as well as the markup language ported to the website.

Website design (web design) is the process of converting software requirements into a software representation of a website, which refers to the corresponding web pages that are used to display certain content on the Internet, in accordance with certain rules, using such tools like Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Simply put, a website is a communication tool, just like a bulletin board. People may use the website to post information they wish to make public or use the website to provide relevant online services.

Web Design Principles
Responsive Web Design Also known as Responsive Web Design, the development of web pages that provide a good experience on various devices connected to the Internet.
Responsive web design is aimed at multifunctional sites for different devices. The website is designed to be viewed more comfortably on devices with different resolutions and formats, responsive web design technologies do not create a separate version of the website for a specific device type. The website may not be available on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and TV in order to display optimally on all devices.

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