Requirements and principles of corporate website design

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Corporate website design - principles and requirements.Corporate website design is a powerful tool to attract potential customers to the product or services of the enterprise. The design of a corporate website affects the retention of the audience, as well as various marketing indicators. Let's look at this topic in more detail.

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First, the visuals of the website

Corporate website design style diverse and personalized, which can fully reflect the overall corporate image of the company. For branded companies, this requires a strong sense of vision. The image of the image can say well about the cohesion of the company, and the materials used in the image are necessary to achieve the spread of the corporate image.

Of course in website design, cost is the main factor that small and medium businesses should consider. It is impossible to achieve quality without considering the budget, but it can be concise and elegant, but without sophistication and individual.

Secondly, the speed of access to the site

Images, animations and music chosen by the corporate site should not be too large, and the design and development of the website should not take up much of the network bandwidth to satisfy visitors using narrowband Internet access to access the website.

For companies with sufficient budget, try not to be greedy and choose cheap space. This is an unbreakable truth for one price to get what you pay for. To create a website for a domestic enterprise, choosing the Telecom Netcom dual-channel space is the best solution.

Thirdly, the site will be optimized for search engines

According to the results of a global study of search engine usage by the Internet media research agency Nielsen//Netratings, about 76% visitors worldwide search for relevant information on the Internet through search engines or their portals, and at the same time, more than 80% of daily web traffic site is listed on search engines.

Thus, it can be concluded that when visitors use keywords to find relevant websites through search engines, if a website can rank at the top of the search results, it will undoubtedly have a much better chance of targeting potential customers than from its competitors.

A corporate site must be optimized for search engines, whether it is the structure of the web page code or the organization of the site itself, it must be supported by the search engine. Of course, optimization is the foundation, after the site is created and evaluated, it needs to be updated and promoted.

Fourth, make good use of website location

Intelligence is the same as the shelves in the stores. The first visual position is the gold position of the site. A corporate site should place the most important information in this place, and not waste resources on placing important animations indiscriminately. Banners and buttons are one of the most common ways to promote a business website and can be used to highlight a new product or promotion.

In the future, banner ads, text link ads, or button ads will appear on the website. Proper placement of advertisements will enrich the website and help promote promotional activities. At that time, more acceptable to the audience methods of advertising for PR will be used.

Basic principles of corporate website design:

Basic principles of corporate website design.The business model design of a website seems to be more and more important nowadays, and the value a website can bring to a business is more and more appreciated by businesses. A website is a way for a business to provide information (including products and services) to network users.

It is an infrastructure and information platform for businesses engaged in e-commerce. It is not possible to leave the website (or just use a third party website) to talk about e-commerce. The corporate website is called "Internet trademark”, and it is also an integral part of the intangible assets of a business enterprise, and the website is an important window for advertising and reflecting the corporate image and culture on the Internet. The design of a corporate website is extremely important than, for example, the design of a personal website. The following is an introduction to the basic design principles of a business website.

1. Clearly Define Your Business Website Goals and User Needs

Website design is an important way to show a corporate image, present products and services, and reflect a corporate development strategy, so it is necessary to clarify the purpose of website development and user needs in order to draw up a practical design plan.

It is necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis based on consumer demand, market conditions and the company's own position, and keep in mind that the "customer" as the center, and not "art" as the center of design planning. As you start designing and planning, consider: what is the purpose of creating a website? For whom should it provide services and products? What products and services can the company provide? What are the characteristics of the consumers and audience of the website? Style. )?

2. The overall design scheme has a clear theme

Based on clear goals, complete the idea of the site, that is, the overall design plan. Determine the overall style and characteristics of the website and plan the organizational structure of the website. Websites should have the same form for the different entities (institutions or people) they serve. Some sites provide only brief text information, others use multimedia presentations in their homepage design, providing great images, flashing lights, complex page layouts, and even downloadable audio and video clips.

Good websites combine graphical presentation techniques with effective organization and communication. The theme should be clear and visible, key points should be clear, and the theme of the site should be reflected in simple and understandable language and pictures. Use every means to fully express the individuality and taste of the website, and to create the characteristics of the website.

The home page of a website should have basic components including:

  • title: accurately identifies your site and corporate logo;
  • email address: used to receive user inquiries;
  • contact information: for example, a regular postal address or telephone number;
  • copyright information: copyright owner's statement, etc.

Be careful to reuse existing information. For example, customer guides, public relations documents, technical manuals, and databases can be easily used on corporate websites.

3. Business website layout design

As a visual language, we must pay attention to layout. Although homepage design is not the same as graphic design, they have a lot in common and should be fully used and referenced. The layout design expresses harmony and beauty through the spatial combination of text and graphics. An excellent web designer also needs to know which paragraph of text and graphics to hit so that the design of an e-commerce website can make the whole web page shine.

The layout and page design of a multi-page site requires that the organic relationship between pages be reflected, and in particular, the relationship between order and content between and within pages must be properly handled. For the best visual performance, consideration should be given to the rationality of the overall layout so that the browser has a smooth visual experience.

4. The role of color in web design

Color is one of the elements of artistic expression. In web design, according to the principles of harmony, balance and focus, different colors are combined and combined to form a beautiful page. According to the influence of color on the psychology of people, it should be used wisely. In the process of using colors, we also need to pay attention to one problem: due to differences in countries, races, religions and beliefs, as well as geographical places of residence, differences in cultural achievements, etc. Different groups of people have great differences in liking and dislikes for flowers. Consider the background and composition of your core audience in your design.

5. Unification of the form and content of the web page

In order to combine ambiguity and different forms into a single page structure, the formal language must match the content of the page and reflect the rich meaning of the content. Using the means of contrast and harmony, symmetry and balance, rhythm and white space, through the relationship between space, text and graphics to create an overall balanced state, professional website design and production creates a harmonious aesthetic.

For example, in page design, the principle of symmetry, its balance sometimes makes the page rigid, but if you add dynamic text, templates, or use exaggerated methods to express content, this often leads to better results. Points, lines and surfaces are the basic elements of the visual language, and the best page effects should be formed by interpenetrating and complementing each other. The use of points, lines and planes in web design is not isolated, and many times they need to be combined to express the perfect design mood.

6. Composition of three-dimensional space and virtual reality

The 3D space on the web is an imaginary space, and this spatial relationship must be expressed in terms of spatial factors such as dynamic and static changes, as well as proportional image ratios. On a page, the visual effects created by overlaying pictures, text positions, or changing page position vary. Spatial hierarchy formed by overlaying images and text before and after is rare. There are more standard and concise pages on the Internet. Such overlay can create a strong rhythmic spatial hierarchy with

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