What are the trends in web design development?

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Trends in web site design development.What are the trends in web design development? In the process of creating a website, we actually think that it basically involves three processes:

  • Design.
  • Technology.
  • SEO marketing promotion.

But there is a trend in any industry: when we develop and promote related sites, we can only create sites that are more satisfying to target customers if they are in line with current fashion trends.

So what are the trends in website development?

The content of the article:

1. Design

  1. Mobile First: Mobile devices drive over 60% of all website traffic, and in today's smartphone-centric world, mobile-optimized design is no longer a must, but obligatory (and even demanding).
  2. Branding: The website must be promoted using a single brand across all platforms, including print, website, marketing materials and social media. This way, your audience will associate your unique image with your company. In this way, the brand will be recognized and promoted in the most natural way by word of mouth (word of mouth marketing).
  3. Short videos. In my experience, placing short videos on a website can help you increase conversions at the top of the page. It doesn't require scrolling, it's the first thing people see when they visit the page. This approach contributes to the instant retention of most users at the initial stage of visiting the page.
  4. Simplicity. Minimalism is something we've been focusing on when designing the website this year, at least when it comes to menu items.
  5. Interaction: Visitors can interact with your website through dropdown menus, hover states, unique pages, and thoughtful content display. For example, many websites use chatbots to respond to visitors.
  6. Comments: Never underestimate the ability to get comments on your website, update your website to display good comment content, it won't hurt. Comments for information resources are one of the factors influencing the ranking of a website in the SERP.

2. Content

  1. Rich content: In my experience, a blog post of 1,000 words or more will help your website get indexed quickly on Yandex and Google.
  2. Thematic training: Define professional topics appropriately, such as training courses in specific industries. Share your knowledge by writing lengthy articles directly related to your area of practice.
  3. Storytelling: SEO stories have been popular over the past few years, but it's important to get your audience's attention. By contacting them personally, providing case studies and highlighting the heights you have achieved for your clients.

3. Promotion

  1. Cross-channel marketing: Using a variety of cross-channel marketing campaigns (including contextual advertising, organic search, and social media campaigns) is often the best strategy.
  2. Link Building: Sending external links, especially anchor texts built using natural phrases, are usually very popular, not just keywords that should have a search index. If primary keywords are used, I still recommend those keywords for every page. Do not exceed 3.
  3. Marketing: MarketingAn ad targeted to the specific business area and people you want to reach will generate more revenue than a broad advertising campaign.
  4. Social media: Provide targeted ads to help you reach specific target groups, including gender, education level, interests, etc. This is a very powerful feature that can filter online to get relevant data.

To summarize: if your company wants change design your website this year, you can refer to the aforementioned popular trends.

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