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Corporate web design - did.Corporate web design details. Not using grids. In web design, somemess» can be pleasing to the eye. Asymmetry - one of them. Not using grids - definitely not. The use of grids is one of the professional metrics to distinguish good design from bad. Below are the details of corporate web design.

The content of the article:

1. Lack of text and pictures requires high readability

The absence of text and pictures requires high readability. web designLack of contrast and text, images on web pages need to be highly readable, and the easiest way to achieve this is to make them high contrast, but this rule is often ignored by many designers. The contrast between the background of the image and the text is too low, causing the text to become blurry and unreadable, and users not only miss that paragraph, but also the important content you want to convey. You have to make sure that each element is different from the other elements around it, remember these basics, color, space, size. Use them wisely so that every element of yours is clearly visible.

2. Poor navigation and workflow

Convenient site navigation.Poor navigation and action flow, when I first hit the page, you have to tell me what action I should take next, the button to click and the information should be prominently displayed. At the top of the page, the contents of the navigation tabs and how to work with them should be clear and intuitive. When you're trying to use horizontal scrollbars or some other fancy motion design, give users a few hints and let them know how your page is performing.

3. Poor combination of images

Inappropriate picture in text. web designThere is nothing worse than a good image being overshadowed by other designs. If you've taken the time to pair your website with a great image, why let it get overlaid with other design elements? A simple line of text will do, which is why transparent buttons have become the new fashion trend. Top bars are fun and scrolling is great, but when you combine them with text, they can easily become less harmonious.

Every image on the page should be paired with text so that every word is readable and every design element on the image is clearly visible. Don't cover important parts of the image with text or buttons. If you think your page design is in this situation, it's best to change the background to a more concise one and place that image somewhere else. When you first see the image above, you will be drawn to it because of its sketchy style. But if you look closely, the faces of the characters are covered with text, and the eulogy makes the whole image sloppy.

4. Not using a grid in web design

Correct grid layout.In web design, some "clutter" can be pleasing to the eye. Asymmetry is one of them. Not using grids - definitely not. The use of grids is one of the professional metrics to distinguish good design from bad. Grids keep everything clear and organized by keeping your elements consistent and correct, and you know where and how to place your elements. Having a grid helps you determine the size of elements, the size and space of text, and the focus of content using proportions.

5. Don't use responsive design

Don't use responsive design, use responsive design structure, important, your web page may need to run on mobile, it should work the same as on desktop. I always come across sites that load as a whole page on my phone. These sites are not designed to be responsive, at least with a mobile version of the view so users can't use them.

6. Links are lost and broken (broken links on the site)

is one of the most annoying things on the internet. Get in the habit of checking your website every year to see if the links are open. You can manually check or use some tools. If your logo doesn't lead to your website's home page, I'll be surprised.

Clickable working links.

linked to the main page of the site. (And don't disable the back button when you're on the home page.) Consider having a link. Make sure your links, especially in text, are fairly obvious and easy to click without errors. Do not place many text links in the text, especially on small screens of mobile devices, it will be difficult for users to click on the desired link.

7. Automatically play music and add audio to web pages

Music playback on demand. web designAdding sound to a web page can be a breeze, but never play music without a user request. You must provide the user with a button to turn the music on/off, and it must be disabled by default. Music can surprise users, but can be counterproductive when users are in a work environment or in a bad mood. Users want complete control over your web pages, and automatic music playback is the exact opposite.

I need web music, but I have to agree to play it. If I can't find a button to turn off automatic music playback, I can just turn off the web page. But it's a good trick to use in advertising. If you have audio content that needs to be played, consider placing a large mute button popup. Users tend to agree to a few seconds of ads and read the content. While this is not an ideal approach, it is the best solution.

About site footer design details in site design

Web design website footer

First, the content is clear and easy to understand:

When designing a website footer, you need to pay attention to the display effect of the content. Content should be clear and easy to understand so that users can intuitively find the information they need and see what the company wants to express. For example, contact information, address, company profile, etc. in the footer, which can reduce the user's bounce rate. Thus, companies should consider as much as possible when designing a website footer and strive to provide users with a thoughtful experience.

Secondly, the combination of colors is appropriate and beautiful:

The website footer design should also consider color matching. The background color and text color should be different so that users can easily distinguish text from background for readability.

Website footer color matching experience: there are usually very few color elements used and they match the overall style of the website, try to avoid the image background shape, if you need the content to look richer, choose a combination of icons and text to display, and the content also should not be too complicated, it should be short.

Third, avoid difficult situations:

Although I emphasize that everyone should pay attention to the design of the footer when designing a website, this does not mean that the design of the footer should be too rich, which will give people a dazzling and heavy feeling. When designing the website footer, enterprises should pay attention to the browsing habits of users, from the website header to the footer, to give people a sense of integration and leave a good impression.

Fourth, make full use of page space and pay attention to white space:

I stress the need to do a good job of designing a website footer, but you have to do it well. The specific method is to display the main content that the enterprise wants users to know the most in a limited space and make full use of the space on the page. At the same time, attention should be paid to the problem of empty space in order to avoid dense content. This page design will be user-friendly.

Fifth, make the necessary decoration:

As far as website footer web design styling is concerned, here I want to talk about some expressive content like underlining, special font effects, etc. Designers should be careful when choosing these designs and try to remove them as much as possible. If necessary, it is better to use a bold font or increase the font for additional emphasis. This keeps the website pages neat and unified.

What Web Design Details Should You Pay Attention To?

1. Don't add columns at will:

As an artist, you should avoid this behavior. If you arbitrarily add forms, links, "more" and other features to the interface that should be supported by background development, such random additions will silently change the original requirements of the site and increase the number of projects. The load on the website will affect the overall function of the website and will also increase the load on post-testing. Another possibility is that it does not meet the needs of users, resulting in the need for a site review at a later stage.

2. Do not interfere with the design at will:

The page is not designed according to the logic of the columns, and the content of the site is not presented very well. This behavior is solely for the convenience of web design, allowing you to reduce the content of many websites at will.

3. Cut the image as desired, regardless of the dynamic expansion of the page:

As a rule, this is caused by insufficient technical content of the art. A cut image can only be used in one interface size. When you change the page, you need to cut the image again. There is no scalability. The principle of responsive web design is to combine to make a reasonable image cutout.

4. The picture is beautiful, but there is no real meaning in it:

Give an artist a news theme and ask them to make a banner, but after they make it, it has nothing to do with the news theme, it just looks pretty. There are also artists who are even more irresponsible about their work, they just post a picture, which harms the overall impression of the site.

5. Interface style of the whole station:

At a later stage in the maintenance of the site, the artists did not take into account the style of the current site when creating drawings and optionally changed the main color of the image when the color match and page design did not reasonably match the overall style of the website, this will affect the subsequent optimization of the website.

What details should be paid attention to in website design

  • First, choose a good font:

Fonts are very important for web design, so you should choose fonts that match the characteristics of the product. A reasonable selection of fonts helps us a lot, it can not only make the content of the content more expressive and emotional, but also make the site more original, so at the moment we should pay attention to the design of the site.

  • Second, pay attention to graphic design layout skills:

This should also be very important. We all know that graphic design is usually made up of images and text, so how we place this text and images is very important to make them more beautiful and distinctive. There are a lot of good website templates on the market right now that we better explore and link to.

  • Thirdly, there is a watermark on the picture:

Use decorative images with watermarks for high-quality web design to decorate the site, make it more characteristic and temperamental. When we design our website, if we can use a lot of watermarked images, it will definitely bring unexpected surprises to a huge number of users, so we should also pay attention to it.

  • Fourth, add multimedia dynamic effects:

When designing a website's web design, you can also add some multimedia dynamic effects to the website, which will make the whole website more shocking, more capable of meeting the needs of most users, and be welcomed by the public.

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