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Links, reviews, articles on thousands of sites.

Today we'll talk about backlinks to the site their use to promote resources. Now search engines decide to switch accents when promoting sites towards quality content.

But while this is happening and being discussed, link building remains the most important method of promotion. Backlinks to a website are the key to promotion in search engines. Please note that a large content of unnatural backlinks to the site can lead to a drop in the position of the site in the search results.

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What are backlinks and what are they for?

Why are backlinks needed?
Having backlinks is considered almost the determining factor in the promotion of sites in search engines. The very principle of ranking is simple to the point of impossibility - the more key links, the higher the resource costs when building search results. The quantity and good quality of external links is everything.

The effectiveness of promotion in this case depends on the services that are used during promotion (it will be quite difficult for a beginner to do this manually), as well as on the amount of investment in this process. In the absence of big money, you can try promotion with free links - but it will take a long time to wait for the effect.

Exchanges for acquiring eternal links

We will not advertise to anyone, we will simply highlight the three most popular exchanges where you can purchase eternal links. By the way, about "eternity" - this is a relative concept, and each resource understands it in its own way. So get ready. So, let's begin:

  • GoGetLinks - a relatively young exchange, which is more suitable for promoting massive projects. For beginners, it will be difficult here, and not very advisable. The donors of the exchange are proven sites that have existed for more than six months. This gives the much-important credibility of the search engines. The exchange sells notes, links in context, pictures.
  • Miralinks - probably the largest stock exchange in Runet. She has high rates, but the quality of the links is confirmed. To save money, you can write (order) the content for the link yourself and go through moderation on the exchange (which is not easy). However, such nit-picking is justified - in terms of efficiency, Miralinks is able to compete with other leaders.
  • Rotapost - a good exchange with a large selection of "donor" blogs. Inexpensive and pretty good quality.

Buying leased links for a certain period

Rented links are cheaper and increase traffic faster. When the lease expires, the link will have already worked out its own - and this is exactly what is required of it.

You can buy leased links, say, on Sape - there is a large selection of donor sites, settings for automatic placement, and other advantages that professionals will understand.

Aggregators of automatic purchase of links for the site

These are systems that automatically purchase links. Here are the three most popular again:

  • Wizard.Sape - I recommend this exchange, it is the most worthy. There is also a short review.
  • SeoPult - The effectiveness of the project is the subject of hundreds of disputes. We will not give examples, but just summarize: this is a great start for a beginner. A lot of tips, schools, lessons will do their job: if you carefully listen to the advice, you can get into the TOP in a month.
  • Web Effect — a fresh aggregator for eternal and leased links. It allows you to evaluate traffic, determine the cost of website promotion, and filter out irrelevant queries. Links on the aggregator are of high quality. User tips are also very helpful.
  • Rookee is also a relatively new aggregator that quickly gained popularity. It is characterized by the fact that it offers a promotion “tailored” for Google, has a bunch of different settings, cooperates with large link exchanges, thanks to which its link base is huge. The aggregator is designed for more experienced optimizers.

And finally, if you are interested in tracking and analyzing which links competitors use, use the Solomono service. He can handle a good link analysis.

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