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The best CMS for creating a site: an overview of the most popular engines.Choosing a good CMS. Greetings to everyone and everyone.) In past reviews, we considered a huge variety of the most common questionsconcerning the creation of a site for a beginner. We have already passed such a stage as: website hosting choice.

Therefore, you need to move on and move on to choosing a content management system. My task is to enlighten you on this matter. Thus, in the future, you will already be familiar with the main advantages and disadvantages of all popular platforms.

In this article, we will talk about such concepts as: Site content management system, CMS engine. As a result, we will learn interesting information about the most common content management systems. And of course about which one to choose for the site. Go!

CMS site content management system

Content management system (CMS).

We live in a time where the Internet rules most of our lives. It is the largest and most accessible source of information. Therefore, it is actively used for business promotion, earnings and advertising. All this contributes to obtaining a good and most importantly decent profit. The Internet provides great opportunities for self-realization.

Both the largest organizations and ordinary users. But how can organizations, and even more so ordinary users, properly organize their project. This is where the “Content Management System CMS” comes to the rescue.

CMS is a program that is used to create a competent organizational process. Offering the user a comfortable environment for developing, editing and managing project content. Its simplified name is CMS engine.

What will we get:

  • Competently organized environment to develop and manage the site.
  • Comfortable editing of project content.
  • A variety of styles, when using additional extensions.
  • The platform allows the user to create complex structures with ease.
  • This is a complete site. Which needs to be customized to your criteria. And, accordingly, fill it with the necessary content (content).
  • Convenience in every way.
  • Even a novice user can handle it.


The most popular commercial CMS 1C-Bitrix, UMI.CMS, Net Cat

Such management systems include those that are created mainly by commercial organizations. The directed action of which is to get the maximum amount of profit from the sale of a license for your product. These products may not be altered or modified to suit their specifications.

They are intended only for creating a site with all the necessary settings.
The most popular of them: 1C-Bitrix, UMI.CMS, Net Cat
Not included in this list:
CS-Cat, Host CMSS, Shop-Script, CMS S.Builder, DataLife, Engine and others.


Such platforms are in free implementation. And distributed with an Open-Source CMS license. They are created by non-profit organizations, even private firms or charities (created with user support) are possible.

Non-commercial systems are distributed freely and have open source code. This gives other developers and users the opportunity to modify these products, then they are posted to the public. Such control systems are the most common in the world.

The most popular ones: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal.
Not included in the list: MODX, OpenCart, Magento, Presta Shop, Life Street and others.

For even more clarity, see the table below. It contains the most popular surveys, content management systems for the site. For the period from 2021 - 2022, most likely the data is also relevant this year.

CMS ranking for 2023. Popularity rating of engines for websites.

Survey data for the period 2021-2022. The average percentage is set based on the information provided by the ratings for the given period.CMS rankings by popularity
Net Cat0.28%

Choosing a CMS for a website

A content management system (CMS) is a computer software used to manage.

After all the definitions and familiarity with popularity ratings. We need to decide which CMS to choose for the site. I will start from the rating, and accordingly from the open source license. Thus, we will take a closer look at such platforms as: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal.

Simple WordPress site engine

Open source software.

WordPress - the most popular in the world. According to surveys, wordpress still occupies a leading position in the rankings. This is largely due to its simplicity. It is the most innovative and up-to-date platform. Having the highest usability score. The developers of this engine are constantly releasing new updates.

They have improved support for new versions of programming languages and software. During its existence, it has reached unprecedented heights.

  • This is the simplest engine for the site. It will be easy to work with it even for a novice user.
  • It has a huge number of plugins. And it requires compliance with the relevance of plugin versions from developers.
  • There is also a variety of theme templates for the site. You can choose any from paid to free version.
  • This is a great management system for an online store. Thanks to the usability of theme templates and plugins designed specifically for commerce.
  • Convenient admin panel with many functions.
  • Convenient built-in PHP and CSS editor, thus making development much easier. If necessary, access to data can be restricted by the security plugin.
  • There is an excellent text editor with many features that the necessary plugins can also extend.
  • Variety of widgets, plugins, templates, social links, forums, etc.
  • Great tool for website design.
  • WordPress is well received by search engines.
  • Due to the huge number of plugins, it is very difficult to decide on the choice of the necessary ones.
  • Illiterately used plugins can lead to loss of website performance.
  • There is also an unpleasant moment with the compatibility of the latter with each other.
My personal opinion! WordPress is the best website engine, especially for beginners. The interface of this control system is perfectly adapted to many categories of users. With proper use of plugins, you can get an excellent productive site.

Extended Joomla

Joomla! (pronounced Jumla) - (CMS), in PHP and JavaScript.

CMS Joomla according to polls, it occupies an average position in the ratings. And this is rather its feature. This management system itself is something between WordPress and Drupal. Since it has more opportunities than the first and less than the second. However, it is also popular and in demand.

  • Full featured user friendly interface.
  • The admin panel has a wide range of tools and features for more serious development.
  • The functionality of Joomla also includes support for the necessary access control protocols. That allows you to significantly increase the security of the site.
  • It fully supports programming languages such as PHP and Java.
  • Allows you to create more complex and unique site structures.
  • For an ordinary user, the functionality of this CMS may seem very cumbersome.
  • Despite the abundance of options, this engine is heavily loaded. And accordingly requires more diligent optimization.
Joomla is an engine that has many advantages and as many disadvantages over its competitors. I can say on my own, I didn’t really like the paid implementation of theme templates and plugins.

Compared to Wordpress in which, the largest part is occupied by free and shareware extensions. Judging by the ratings, this does not stop users. So we can conclude that this platform is very good. And accordingly meets the requirements of most webmasters.

Powerful Drupal website management system

Drupal (Drupal) - (CMS), web application framework (CMF).

Indeed is the most powerful system for the site. But why is this engine only ranked third in the polls. The answer to this is quite simple. Drupal is fully implemented for professionals who have certain knowledge and skills in programming.

For such specialists, this platform will be extremely useful. But for an ordinary user, managing and developing a project on it will be an extremely difficult task. Even despite the fact that the developers are constantly releasing updates. To improve functionality and simplify the user interface.

  • It has a huge number of various plugins and extensions.
  • Perfectly suited for specialists in the development of complex projects using programming languages.
  • Constantly updated and improved
  • It has the necessary modules that are able to create more complex site structures
  • Difficult to use, although the developers are trying to simplify their creation. It will be almost impossible for an ordinary user without knowledge of the basics of programming to use this control system.
  • Very heavy! Requires powerful hardware and software. It loads itself and the server very heavily. Drupal's performance score drops after installation.
Nevertheless, this does not prevent her from being in the top three. And it is really very well suited for developing projects. Especially those that require the organization of complex and well-built data structures.
As you can see, dear readers, there is a choice! It remains only to decide what exactly will embody your ideas and plans. And it will lead to high-quality implementation of projects.

We make a decision

Wordpress is the simplest engine. It is the most popular site platform. It has been at the top of the rankings for many years. It has a significant advantage in both productivity and organization of competent project development. Represents the best design characteristics for rendering certain types of projects. Suitable for both novice users and website development specialists.

Joomla - with its own specifics. It has equal advantages and disadvantages over its competitors. It is suitable for both developers and users. Allows you to organize complex structured projects.

Drupal - created more specifically for developers and professionals who know the basics of programming. Allows you to organize weighty and complexly structured projects. For ordinary users, the use of this control system will be very difficult. Moreover, this engine is very demanding on resources and software. At the same time, its performance is much less than that of competitors. Accordingly, additional measures to optimize the project will be required.

I think you have already made a decision. And they made conclusions for themselves regarding the above described control systems. I really hope that this article was useful to you and influenced your decision, at least for 0.1%. In that case, I will be more write about wordpress, because this platform suits me very much.

For me personally, in it, the key aspects were:

  • Ease of installation and subsequent configuration.
  • Plenty of good plugins (there is plenty to choose from)
  • Lots of interesting theme templates.
  • It is possible to edit PHP components through the admin panel.
  • Possibilities of additional protection of directories and program files.
  • In general, a convenient organization of the workflow.
That's all! In the next review, we will take a closer look at this platform. And further, we will continue our articles in this direction. Thank you for your attention and patience. I wish you the best search engine rankings.

Thank you for reading Nicola Top

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    I think it's no secret that WordPress is the most popular. I myself blog on WordPress, and I have no complaints about it. Large selection of themes and plugins, convenient editor. I like. Good educational article. Thank you.

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      Good afternoon, Victoria, I fully support you. I use WordPress on a regular basis. Very convenient and simple.

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