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Choice of hosting - Linux or Windows - hosting: choice of platform.

Website hosting or choosing the right hosting for your website. And so, we continue to analyze in detail the sections of our very first instruction  How to start building a website?. In the last article, we got acquainted with the domain and its basic concepts. We learned what it consists of and how to correctly register it. I also recommend learning about creating a home server, then you will not need to pay for hosting.

In this article, we will get acquainted with the concept of hosting and which provider is best to choose. We will also talk about the selection criteria and the impact on search engines, which depend on the quality of the services provided by the provider. In doing so, we will touch on aspects that seriously affect on selection of a hosting provider. After we consider an example of hosting, which I once used. Anyway, let's get straight to the topic! Go!

Hosting for site placement. What is this?

CMS hosting is specially optimized for the stable operation of the site.

Let's take a closer look at this question! What is hosting and why is it needed at all.
Hosting is a service provided by (provider) or just a hoster. The service consists in providing the user with certain resources on the provider's server. In doing so, it means the following:

  • Providing disk space to host the user's project.
  • Resources also include software on the hosting server.
  • And of course, RAM resources, processor type, etc.
All this primarily depends on your requests and on which tariff plan you have chosen.

Who is a hosting provider?

A hosting provider is an organization that provides services.

Hosting provider can be both a company and individuals. Having in the presence of full-fledged physical servers, which are equipped with the necessary characteristics. Such servers cost a lot of money and are able to withstand heavy loads. Although nowadays many manage to create servers on home pc.

I very often began to meet questions from users on the network. About how to install a hosting panel on a home computer with the possibility of selling space on such a server. Everything is possible, but not the fact that it will work. In this implementation, there are many differences from real servers.

Here are some relevant examples:

  • A low-power computer is simply not capable of realizing a large amount of virtual servers. Especially to withstand a constant load.
  • The main difference is the cooling and power of the processors. An ordinary computer will simply burn out under heavy loads. And the processor will not be able to cope with a huge number of operations. Professional server solutions, specially equipped for such loads. Even more, such a server at home will make noise like a jet engine.
  • And suddenly the lights go out. This is the main madness. Imagine dozens of purchased virtual servers from such a private entrepreneur. With bad house wiring. You will not find this in professional organizations.
    It seems that we have understood some concepts and definitions. We follow further!

Let's talk about what the hosting provider offers us:

Shared hosting - This is the most popular type of hosting. Available to many, as the tariff plans for it are not very high. What's under the hood:

  • You are provided with a specific place to store your project.
  • The tariff usually includes such software as: ftp and ssh servers and http - server.
  • Toolbar that matches the tariff plan. Even a beginner can understand this panel.
  • This is the most popular type of hosting in the network, in terms of price and quality.

What are the servers

Database server.

Virtual is practically a physical server. To be precise, their functionality is no different. The only difference is that the virtual server is located on the physical one and uses its functionality.

Physical - accordingly gives the user full access and freedom to install the software.
The only feature of virtual and physical servers is that you will have to configure these servers. I think that many of you simply do not know how to do this. That is why you will have to seek help from the most qualified specialists in this field. Which will be able to properly configure everything and competently install additional software purely for your characteristics.

Here we have considered the basic concepts of this topic. Now we need to decide on the choice of the necessary hosting for the site.
Since I am more of a fan of the WordPress platform and in future articles I will write about it in priority. We will accordingly focus on the choice of hosting for the site specifically for this platform. Let's start!

Hosting for a WordPress site

Hosting for Wordpress. Wordprees is a popular content management system.

The provider for this platform must be selected according to certain parameters, with which there will be fewer problems in the future.
What options do I recommend:

  • The most basic is the presence of PHP 7.4 or PHP 8.0.2 - at the moment these are the most up-to-date versions of PHP. WordPress fully supports these versions, and is likely to fully migrate to PHP 8.0.2 in the near future. The advantage is almost double the speed of work, it really is. New versions of PHP are 2-3 times faster than older versions.
  • The hosting provider should have a choice of database software. It is for our platform that such common databases as Mysql, MariaDB are needed. I recommend the second option, since this database is much faster than the already well-known Mysql. MariaDB is capable of handling very large amounts of data and very fast. WordPress with such a base will work much faster. And users love fast websites.
  • The presence of Nginx or Apache is up to you to decide, both servers work fine. The provider can have either of the two. Nginx, for example, is very good at caching static content. If the hoster has both as variations: Frontend and Backend, although this is very doubtful. I recommend taking))) I have both.
If you want to create a quality And well working website. I recommend purchasing a virtual server first and setting it up to the specifications you need.
Let's say you save money and don't want to spend much, in which case you should choose a regular hosting for a WordPress site. It is much cheaper and more popular, it is very well suited for unloaded projects.

So which provider should you choose?

bluehost; hostinger; hostgator; GreenGeeks; siteground; wp engine.

I have used several hosting providers, two of them were terrible. Constant interruptions in the work of the site, technical support did nothing at all. After a while, I stopped working with them. After a long search for an alternative, I found a not bad hosting provider HOSTIQ, I tested this provider for about a year. My personal opinion:

  • Great rates – Flexible pricing is set for each plan. Some of them clearly meet your requirements.
  • During the year of testing, the site was unavailable only once. But the provider informed about this in advance in an e-mail and reimbursed the compensation.
  • The technical support is just great, even at 2am. They solve issues of any complexity, I even changed domains to hosting.
  • The provider, although Ukrainian, works fine. I have no complaints.
  • Various contests are also held from time to time. Some of them come by email. If you win, you can generally receive three years of hosting as a gift.
  • Among other things, this provider runs an affiliate program. If you are a member of an affiliate program, then for each new user you will earn money. But on the condition that this user purchases from one of the specific tariff plans.
This is not an advertisement, I actually hosted my two sites on this hosting. I'll be honest! The link is affiliate, because I'm also not averse to freeing up 20 basses) I think you all understand me and support me).
Why am I not hosting my sites on this hosting at the moment? Well, now I can say the following. All sites that I create are located at my home on my server.

That is why I no longer need to pay other uncles. I think now, dear readers, you are well aware of everything about which hosting is best to choose for the site. And about which of the hostings presented to use for a site running WordPress. Now let's quickly go over the next concept. Forward!

Free website hosting

Free hosting of sites and servers with PHP and MySQL from REG RU.

I highly recommend not using free hosting, especially if you plan to host your best project on it. Moreover, I forbid!
For example, do you know?

— Yandex is a Russian search engine that highly disapproves of sites using free hosting to host sites.
- Such hosting can contribute to bans from search engines.
- This option can greatly affect the ratings of the site.
- The site itself later, they may simply refuse to place it in some directories and ratings.
— As a result, a site hosted on a free hosting is very hard to sell. I myself have personally seen announcements and comments on the net regarding this topic. I can say for sure! As soon as users find out that the hosting of the site is free. And even worse with the assigned domain name of the organization. The price in this case falls by 2-3 times. At the same time, few people are interested in the fact that the site makes a profit. Well, the truth was, and there was a profit, not very big.

We are with you and finished our acquaintance with this interesting topic. I hope that many of you enjoyed the article. Of course, this time it turned out a little less than the previous ones, only two hundred words).

Nevertheless, the information content in it remained the same. In the next review, we will focus on the site engine. And let's talk about what content management systems CMS there is what they eat and where they get it!). Thank you for your attention, feel free to write comments. I wish you a good progress of your projects.

Thank you for reading Nicola Top

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    Excellent and helpful guide. I like your approach)

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    Free hosting, consonant cheese with mold. In Russia, if it's free, then they're fooling you))) Good instructions. Great site. Thanks.

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